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  Olive Oil - Epsom Salt - Vitamin C & HA Lotions  

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Recipe From the Beauty Editor: Elle







Olive oil as a face and body lotion:

Wash your face and hands or take a shower,
(the areas must be wet, preferably with filtered water)
add extra virgin olive oil to the desired areas of the body,
or face, massage the oil in round circles to absorb it,
finish by re-spraying your face, neck or body with filtered water.

Twice a week or more you may add extra TLC
 to your body and face such as:

  Vitamin C  Face & HA Body Lotion 
(antioxidant to tighten - feed the skin)

In a small clear bottle add:
Filtered water,
1 capsule size of 1000 mg vitamin C (or powder C)
Shake well, apply all over your face
hands and neck or arms and legs.
(do not apply after shaving or on irritated skin)

You may also add:

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Face & Body Lotion 
(skin beautifying therapy)

In a small clear bottle add:
Filtered water,
add 1/5 table spoon HA powder
Shake well and let it rest in the refrigerator overnight
 In the morning apply the gel all over your clean face
hands and neck or arms and legs.
Repeat twice a day.
Finish the bottle within 1 week as it spoils.
(or add vitamin C for longer lasting shelve life)

Benefits Claims of HA:

When Hyaluronic acid is taken orally or by injections or lotions,
 it increases the body’s natural production of protective substance, 
making it a noninvasive therapy for a softer, smoother, 
more hydrated skin. It improves the elasticity of the skin
and also reverses free radical damage and may even 
have some benefit in protecting from UV damage.
 Hyaluronic acid is also known to help persons
 and animals with arthritis pain and stiffness.
An average oral dose of Hyaluronic acid is 100–200 mg per day 
is needed for two or three weeks to notice any positive results.

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Other Supplements:


I supplement my body daily with the following Vitamins:
 around 10:30 - a fresh fruit or veggies smoothie
with A, B complex and C (ABC easy to remember.)
Check the benefits of these vitamins online.

After breakfast and every day to preserve my bone density: 
Calcium (2,500 mg minimum), 
+ Magnesium (1,500 mg) 
D3 (5,000 IU.) 
Magnesium is known to help reduce muscle pain
and facilitate regular bodily cleansing.
1 small teaspoon of pure Epsom Salt (a strong Laxative)
1/2 a spoon of Epsom will act as a low cost & quick laxative
and is more effective when combined with a walk.

can be used for the Magnesium intake with the Calcium and D3
Go online and see the many benefits of Magnesium.










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