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Treatments: Sclerotherapy

of Varicose Veins & Spider Veins

Tested Products:

Vein Injections for Larger Veins in the body
& Laser Therapy For Smaller Veins

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Vein injections do work.

Where can it be injected?
Anywhere on the body and hands 
where there are larger veins or varicose veins.

The product must be injected by
a very skilled Doctor who uses special
magnified glasses to inject the veins. 

What are the benefits?
The treatments are meant to eliminate veins that are no longer useful, 
dissolve black and blue or red spider veins and improve the 
general areas' cosmetic appearance.


Possible Side Effects:

The most common complication is the development of brownish pigment
 in the treated area, similar to a freckle, which usually disappears within two
 to six months. If the veins are weak, there may be some temporary bruising
around the injection site. Patients may develop a tiny scab at the injection
site if any of the solution escapes from the blood vessels. 
The scab is treated with an antibiotic ointment until it clears.
There is little risk of infection or bleeding from Sclerotherapy.
Anesthesia is not required during the office visit. 

The Treatment(s):
(Treatments may vary)
Some Doctors use a saline injection to shrink the veins
or Polidocanol that must not be spilled into the nearby tissues.)

The areas to be treated were first covered with a numbing cream 
"Lidocaine" that is spread thickly on the areas before the injections,
 the patient then waited for about half an hour for the numbing agent to work,

 the Doctor came back and wiped the numbing cream away,
he then injected carefully the areas that needed treatment.
The product stings and is painful but tolerable.

The process takes about 15 - 30 minutes and requires precision.

Did you know?

Before the procedure:
Aspirin and certain blood thinners must not be taken
24 hours before the procedure,
Bring extra tight pants or thick & tight panty hoses,
you will wear these for 10-15 days and every night,
bring plenty of gauze with you and a bottle of astringent,
apply the astringent generously on the gauze and tape the gauze
all over the areas that have been treated, then slip into these
 tight pants. You'll be glad that you are prepared.

Do not sunbathe, or go in a sauna, hot tub or rope jump.
You will be resting your legs preferably tucked up
on a pillow and can do gentle walks.
Stay away from high heels.

The Results:
Every day, until 1 month down the road, the red blue veins
 will be bruised and turn black with spots,
they will finally shrink and disappear. 
You might need a touch up in certain areas.
. Within one month, the areas should have cleared 
and look much better.

How long can it last?
About 1-2 years if you keep these legs moving and exercise.
You will most likely have to start the process all over again
after 1 or 2 years.

How much does it cost?
From $250. for two upper legs.

How many sessions were needed?
2. The first session did not provide full results after 1 month
and required touch ups.

Our QVS Rating:
(3 = highest best rating)

Injections of Polidocanol in veins by Doctor = 3
Second session by nurse who did not use magnifying glasses = 1
Results - Value 1st Session = 2
Results - Value after 2 Sessions  = 3

Is it worth it?

The Laser Therapy 

For Smaller Spider Veins
The laser therapy is mainly used for tiny
veins that cannot be injected such as tiny facial veins.

The doctor comes in to evaluate the areas to be treated,
he applies numbing cream to all the areas that will be treated,
after about 1/2 hour, the cream is removed,

the doctor wears optical glasses and shoots the laser into
one area at a time,
a pain similar to a sharp bitter needle is felt
after all areas have been treated, the patient puts on
tight pants and goes home, 
bruising will be seen on the areas.

Sharp pain was reported during the same night.
Drinking a lot of fluids or eating soup helps flush the body.
It takes about 1 month to see results if any.

If results are not seen after 1 month, the doctor will recommend 
that the patient comes back for more laser treatments.

*And this is where it gets tricky!
Just how many times does a patient need to come back
is not determined as it may vary from patient to patient.

The Results:

We have not seen positive results in one session on two legs
but have seen positive results on small facial veins in one session.

Our QVS Review:
(3 being the highest best rating)

(for 1 laser therapy to both legs)
No positive results have been seen after 1-2 months = 0  

(1 laser therapy to tiny veins in facial area)
Positive results have been seen after 1-2 months = 2  

The laser may treat certain areas with tiny veins and not others, 
it will most likely require several treatments to complete.

The Cost:
From $250. for both upper legs per session.

Is it worth it?
Only if and when it works.

Our Opinion:
-Ask if results are guaranteed, if not
- request a flat fee when several sessions are likely to be needed 
to get the results desired, otherwise a patient might end up
 spending large up fronted fees without receiving guaranteed results.
-The maximum fee must be agreed upon considering the fact
that in 1 or 2 year a patient will most likely have to come back
to correct new areas needing treatments.

Our Conclusion:
Injections work with positive results for up to 2 years.
The cost is usually affordable,
and then the treatments will most likely have to be
 repeated all over again.



Vein Therapy (Sclerotherapy)
To remove spider veins in the legs
 & face.

By: Your name here

Our Suggestions:
- Be physically active. You could get a tiny indoor
 stair machine for about $30. that is small enough to conceal under
 a chair and can be pulled out when needed.
Use shoes with excellent padding that are preferably ventilated, 
-Stay slim, keep away from smoking, sodas and partially hydrogenated
 food, take long walks and keep your legs moving.

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